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Fitness & Health Tips
Drinking water curbs your hunger, hydrates your body and nourishes you from the inside out, including your skin. Aim for half your body weight in ounces per day.

Flex Fitness Center's exercise classes have been enjoyable by members. The classes range from progressive repetitive movements, to popular music. They have been deemed great for the heart, bones, fat loss, nervous system, and surprisingly to one’s emotional health. Classes also include body-toning and shaping exercises that end with stretching and relaxation mini sessions.
A new advanced form of aerobics, Steps”utilizes a Reebok bench in its workout. Progressive repetitive movements stepping on the bench are designed to burn more fat while also toning the thighs and buttocks.
Aerobics & Steps:
This is a high intensity Steps & Aerobics class that uses weights for 35 minutes during the Aerobics and Steps session, followed by a 25-minute lower back, abdominal and thigh workout.
Body Conditioning:
This form of training uses Resistance methods using bands and weights incorporated with cardio routines, while providing full body interval training. Boot camp style workouts with obstacle courses and stations are also applied to help with legality and speed. Body Conditioning is a high intensity workout that can be done at any level to get that desired state.
More classes are available, please seek a Flex Fitness Center Representative for further information.